We are West End REALTORS® who love a challenge and especially when meeting that challenge means a client’s real estate goals become reality.

We bring to our clients more than just real estate experience and expertise. We bring energy, determination, competitive spirit, and a belief about success. We believe that when you start with a positive idea or goal and consistently feed it positive energy, it will become a reality. Our attitude helps clients bring their own positive energy to the transaction.

We not only explain the buying and/or selling process in detail, we stay in close communication, keep clients informed, let them know that we are always working toward their best interests, and give them reassurance and faith that together we can and will overcome all challenges. Our clients know they can call at any time and we will be there for them. As owners of Evans Real Estate, Brokerage, we strive to create long term relationships based on trust, support, and the ultimate in customer service.

For Buyers, we offer a “Preferred Buyers Program”, along with unmatched patience and the willingness to speak up if we feel a client should keep looking rather than settle for a home that isn’t quite right.

For Sellers, we offer a “Maximum Home Value Audit” and a marketing plan that puts their listings directly in front of those buyers who are ready, willing, eager, and able to buy.

Eugenia has sat on various real estate boards and committees and she holds numerous awards from competitor brokerages. She is a past member of the Toronto Real Estate Board Arbitration Committee, member of the Toronto Real Estate Board Political Action Committee, past member of the City of Toronto Property Standards Committee and past member of the Toronto Real Estate Board of Ethics Review Committee.

When you’re looking for West End REALTORS® who will use their market knowledge, experience, drive, and determination to turn your real estate goals into reality, look to Eugenia & Brian Evans. 

That is why we say Experience Trust – Trust Experience

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