No sales experience needed!

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No sales experience needed!

Well, 27 years ago I faced the same dilemma. I was working in property management and enjoying it all, except now I'm expecting a new addition to our household, no not a puppy but a baby! I know that 9-to-5 is really 7-to-7 and I'm thinking how am I going to manage it all. Yes, I have a lovely and supportive partner, but he travels and is away for most of the week...what to do? Staying at home full-time was not an option for me as I enjoy the hustle and bustle of the outside world and knew I would be a terrible stay-at-home Mom. So, what to do? Well, my husband and I had just purchased a 2nd property in the 1,000 Islands and I remember looking over to my husband and uttering the words...'well this looks easy!' I have since lived to regret these words and here's where my story begins...

So, with enthusiasm and optimism I enrolled in the real estate course with the Ontario Real Estate Association.  In those days, back in the early 90’s, it comprised three parts.  The first was correspondence; you did the work and then you mailed it in (this sounds funny even as I am typing it out given the internet age that we are in and that this was really not that long ago) and then parts 2 and 3 were in class.  I remember them like yesterday because I was also pregnant at the time and quite honestly, between being tired all the time and having ‘baby brain’ I’m surprised I made it but, again, the optimism and enthusiasm saw me through!  I got my license but in the meantime through it all I had a baby and then 6 months later I became pregnant with my second child.  Really, why would I do it the easy way and wait the pre-requisite two or three years before having a second child, after all the first one was really ‘easy’.  I really needed to erase the word ‘easy’ from my vocabulary!

All I can remember from that time period is sitting in my first broker’s office of a boutique brokerage and explaining to him that I had no sales experience whatsoever, I had 15 and 6 month old boys, plus 3 stepchildren and a father-in-law living with us, and I was going to rock the real estate world!  To his credit, he was very patient with me and extremely supportive and helpful and never, ever let me know that he thought I was delusional.  Thinking back now with my manager’s hat on, as I later went on to manage a real estate office, he must have wondered what exactly I was drinking or that I must have at least had a housekeeper and a nanny at home…neither by the way!

So what did I do… 

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